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The judicial system of Arizona features a single federal district court, a state supreme court, a state court of appeals, and numerous different trial courts. Some of the courts have general and some have limited jurisdiction. All courts within the system have different responsibilities based on the specific crimes in question. There is also a hierarchy within the courts, from district, to appeal to supreme courts.

In each county of Arizona, there is a superior court, these courts have general jurisdiction. Depending on the size of each county, the courts vary greatly in size. Superior courts may hear appeals from Justice Courts in the area. The justice courts are trial courts which have limited jurisdiction.

Arizona also has a number of municipal courts. These have some jurisdiction over the specific regional cities and town violations. They share jurisdiction with the Justice of the Peace Courts when it comes to state law violations that take part in that specific town or city.

Court Name: Arizona Supreme Court
Address: 1501 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 452-3300
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Intermediate and Supreme Courts

Appeal courts can deal with unresolved issues that stem from district courts and municipal courts in the region. Arizona has two divisions of a Court of Appeals both dealing with different areas. One of these is based within Phoenix and deals with crimes within the North and West of the state. The second is based in Tucson, and is a smaller divisional appeals court, which deals with southern regions of the state of Arizona. These intermediate courts can deal with many of the appeals that stem from district courts in Arizona.

The court of last resort within Arizona is the Arizona Supreme Court. It was founded back in 1912. Seven court justices serve within. This deals with appeals of decisions from all special cases coming from both divisions of Arizona’s Superior Court. It can hear appeals from intermediate courts, and has jurisdiction over special cases such as county disputes and death penalty offenses.

How to Find Arizona Court Records Online

As with all states of the USA, criminal and civil court documents are available to view online. The Freedom of Information act makes it the right of US citizens to access this information.

Arizona Judicial Branch allows access to Court Case Information in the state, but there are many exceptions to the case details that are available. Cases that involve unserved Protection Orders are not included, and mental health and probate cases, victim and witness data is not available. Juvenile delinquency may also be excluded from the database.

The majority of information is still available for Arizona court cases since the 1990s. You can access civil records, divorces, plea and sentence details and more. Use our search function to find information on cases within the jurisdiction of any Arizona state courts.

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