Alabama Inmate Search

What are Alabama Inmate Records?

Alabama inmate records consist of forms, pictures, electronic records, and documents that relate to an inmate incarcerated in the state of Alabama. These documents follow the inmate’s path through the correctional system and may include court records, arrest warrants, booking details, charges, sentences, parole, probation, bail, and bonds, along with other details. Inmate records will also include personal information about the inmate such as their name, address, race, gender, age, any aliases they use, and often mug shots. Inmates may be held in prison, jail, work camp, or a private prison facility. Alabama offers the public an inmate search tool on the Alabama Department of Corrections website that shows where the inmate is located, their charges, sentences, and parole or release dates.

Alabama Prison and Jail System

The Alabama prison and jail system comprises 15 state correctional facilities along with 11 community work centers and dozens of county jails and detention centers. The majority of Alabama inmates reside in state prisons.

The prisons and community work centers are spread all over the state, with jails in each county. The state prisons and work centers are overseen and operated by the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Local law enforcement (police and Sheriff’s departments) run and oversee local detention centers and county jails. Most jails in Alabama hold detainees that are awaiting bail or trial. After an arrest and initial processing, inmates are held in jail until sentencing. After that, they may be placed in prison to serve out their sentence or kept in jail if the sentence is short. 

How to Search for Inmates in Alabama

The Alabama Department of Corrections provides a search tool to easily locate someone incarcerated in a state-run prison. The public can search using the person’s AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial) number or their first and last names. The results show a list with enough details to narrow down the search to find the intended inmate. Once selected, the file will show personal information such as name, race, eye and hair color, height, weight, birth year, and aliases. It will also show incarceration details, sentences admitting date, and the expected release date.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Alabama

When visiting an inmate in Alabama, visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitor list. Visitors must apply using the downloadable form on the DOC’s website and wait 2-6 weeks for processing. Visitors must also follow a strict list of rules when visiting.

The DOC uses Securus Video Connect service to allow inmates to contact loved ones and vice versa. Both parties will need to establish accounts before using.

Alabama is contracted with Access Secure Deposits so that family and friends can send money to inmates in prison within the state. To use the service, senders must set up an account online or by calling (866) 345-1884. When processing payments, the gift giver will need the inmate’s AIS. Fees apply. Family and friends can also use the Access SecurePak service to send gift boxes. 

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