Delaware Inmate Search

What are Delaware Inmate Records?

Delaware inmate records are the documentation of someone’s journey through the prison system. It begins with their arrest, any police reports, mugshots, and fingerprints. The local authorities usually take down the person’s name, address, phone number, height, weight, hair, and eye color, and then process them.

Inmate records also may contain information from court records such as the person’s criminal charges, sentencing, and probation or parole. If they spend time in jail or prison, records from there will also be added to the file. These records may be stored electronically (on a computer) or in paper records.

Some of these inmate records are public records, and you can find them online or in-person at police stations or the courthouse, but some may be harder to find. Correctional facilities also create and retain inmate records. 

Delaware Prison and Jail System

The state of Delaware has only four state prisons. One of them is a women’s prison, and the other three house male offenders. The state also has five community corrections locations throughout the small state. There are only about 6,400 people locked up in Delaware state prisons and another 470 in federal prisons.

There are also county jails in each area of the state. These local jails are run and managed by the local county Sheriff’s office.

How to Search for Inmates in Delaware

Delaware is one state that does not offer its own inmate search tool on the website. However, they do direct interested parties to use the VINELink system, which does allow you to search any state for inmates within the justice system.

VINELink also allows victims of offenders the right to be notified if their attacker is about to be released on probation or parole. You may have to register first to begin using the system.

If an inmate resides in local county jail, many Sheriff’s offices have search tools on their website where you can enter someone’s name and find them easily—some post rosters daily of current inmates.

The public can also use third-party tools like InfoTracer, which pulls inmate records from all U.S. states so you can see if the person has been jailed or in prison anywhere across the country. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Delaware

The state of Delaware allows friends and family to send gifts and letters to inmates incarcerated in any of the facilities. They have a list of addresses on the website and a list of things “not allowed.”

Inmates cannot receive phone calls, but they can call out to friends and family.

To visit an inmate, you must review the rules and fill out a visitor form. Once you are approved, you can then visit on designated days/times. In some cases, Delaware also allows video phone calls.

To send money to an inmate, you must use a money order (they do not accept personal checks) and drop it off at the facility with the following information:

  • Offender’s full name.
  • Offender’s SBI number.
  • Assigned institution
  • Name of the remitter.

You can also purchase a prepaid phone card for an inmate.

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