Idaho Inmate Search

What are Idaho Inmate Records?

The Idaho Department of Correction maintains inmate records in Idaho. They are the state agency in charge of all inmate records. These records may consist of things like fingerprints, DNA samples, mug shots, police reports, arrest warrants, court records, charges, sentencing, and then inmate records from incarceration in jail or prison.

The basic information contained within inmate records will show the person’s name, address, date of birth, gender, race, and other physical descriptors like hair and eye color, weight, height, and scars or tattoos. 

In some cases, you can easily acquire inmate records with an online search, and in other cases, you may have to visit the courthouse, police station, or other agency to get what you need. 

Idaho Prison and Jail System

The state of Idaho has 11 state prisons. They are spread throughout the state, and one is even outside the state in Arizona but houses Idaho prisoners. Idaho has five community reentry centers to help with the reintegration of prisoners being released and probationers and parolees. 

Idaho also has some administrative offices throughout the state to help support the entire criminal justice system. The Idaho Department of Correction is the agency in charge of all facilities and prisoners.

Probation and Parole offices are split into seven districts throughout the state, making it easier for them to manage and for offenders to comply. 

How to Search for Inmates in Idaho

The Idaho Department of Correction has an offender locator on its website where the public can easily locate someone in a state-run facility. The search form allows you to put in a partial name (just last, or last and first) or the IDOC number (inmate ID number). Then you can search to see a list of results.

The search results will show you the IDOC Number, offender’s name, age, and status. You can click on the IDOC Number for active, paroled, and probationary inmates to see additional details. The additional information shows the supervising officer, the full address of where they are held, the offense they committed, the sentencing county, and the case number. From there, you can get additional information from the courts.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Idaho

Anyone wanting to visit an inmate in an Idaho prison must undergo a background check. Then they must fill out an application and await approval. That process usually takes 2-4 weeks. Then they are allowed to visit only on designated days/times. Visitors will be searched upon entering and must comply with all rules.

Family and friends are allowed to send money to inmates using the Access Corrections online system. For more information, consult the link above.

Inmates are also allowed to receive mail, but senders must follow these guidelines strictly. Each inmate also has access to email through a Kiosk system.

The state prisons also allow inmates the ability to call out using the CenturyLink system. For more information, visit this page.

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