Indiana Inmate Search

What are Indiana Inmate Records?

Indiana inmate records refer to the documents, files, video and audio recordings, and other types of records that make up someone’s history traveling through the justice system. These records begin at the time of arrest with police reports, then progress through the court system, creating dozens of court records including charges, sentencing, and then finally incarceration as they wait out their sentence.

Inmate records typically contain the offender’s name, date of birth, height, weight, eye and hair color, gender, race, and other details. Some of them will include a mugshot and also fingerprints. Additional records may consist of evidence, DNA information, and other specifics.

The Indiana Department of Correction is the agency in charge of inmate records, and they make finding inmates pretty easy with a search tool on their website. It’s free to use for the public. However, if someone needs more information, they may have to visit the courts or local law enforcement. 

Indiana Prison and Jail System

Indiana has 18 state prisons. Two of them house women only, and the rest house male inmates. One is a reception/diagnostic facility, and one is a re-entry center. The state also has 15 work release facilities that low-risk inmates can work outside of the prison and then transition as they near their release date. All state prisons are run by the Indiana Department of Correction.

The state also has roughly two dozen county jails where short term inmates reside. These facilities also house offenders who are awaiting sentencing, bail, bond, or trial. They may also temporarily house inmates awaiting the move to state prison. Jails are managed and operated by county Sheriff’s offices or local police.

How to Search for Inmates in Indiana

You can easily search for an inmate in Indiana by visiting the Indiana Department of Correction’s website and using the “Offender Search” tool. You can enter the Offender Number or First and Last Name. You are only required to put in the last name.

The search results display in a grid with the offenders’ names, DOC number, date of birth, race, sex, and facility/location. You can then click on the person’s DOC Number to see more information like their charges, sentencing, potential release date, and how long they are in prison. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Indiana

Before visiting an offender in Indiana prison, you must apply to get on their approved visitors list. After applying, you must await confirmation then you can visit according to the specified visiting hours.

Indiana has partnered with GTL to offer a way for loved ones to telephone inmates and receive calls from them. You can purchase pre-paid phone cards through this system. Inmates may also make collect calls to you.

If you want to send money to someone in prison in Indiana, you will also use the ConnectNetwork by GTL. They offer five convenient ways to send money (online, phone, kiosk, mail, and retail outlets).

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