Maine Inmate Search

What are Maine Inmate Records?

Maine inmate records are the documents and linked items that follow an offender through the justice system. These items may include the person’s name, date of birth, gender, race, physical description, and offenses. The records come from arrest records, local law enforcement, the courts, and confinement facilities.

The Maine Department of Corrections is in charge of inmate records for the state, all facilities, and they are responsible for each offender. They provide a prisoner search feature so that the public can easily identify someone incarcerated within the state and locate their whereabouts.

Some Maine inmate records are easy to find, and others may be harder and require a visit or phone call to various government agencies. Maine inmate records’ access may also be subject to local or state laws. 

Maine Prison and Jail System

The state of Maine has six adult prison facilities. One is for women only, and another is a female reentry center to help women inmates transition back to everyday life after prison. The state also has dozens of community corrections offices to help inmates on parole or probation stay on track. There are only about 2,400 people in prison in Maine.

The state also has local county jails that house short-term inmates serving sentences of less than a year or awaiting trial. There are 1,800 people in local county jails in Maine. Many local Sheriff’s offices have websites with a roster of current inmates in jail or a search feature to make it easy for friends and family to find them.

How to Search for Inmates in Maine

The Main Department of Corrections (DOC) provides a prisoner search tool on its website for adult offenders. It shows incarcerated people and those on probation. To use the tool, you must enter the person’s MDOC number or their name. Some additional search criteria include gender, age, weight, height, eye and hair color, race, identifying marks, status, location, and offense type.

The results will show a list of offenders’ MDOC numbers, name, mugshot, date of birth, race, gender, and parole date, along with their current location. From there, you can click the MDOC number to see more information such as convictions, sentencing, court docket number, and the court. Searchers can use a link at the bottom to send money to an inmate after locating them.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Maine

Maine makes it easy for someone to send money to an inmate using their online DOC Money Deposit Service.

Anyone wishing to visit a  prisoner in Maine must follow the application process and then follow all rules and visit during designated dates/times.

Each facility allows inmates to receive mail. Senders must get the proper address and consult the rules before sending anything to an inmate through the mail.

Prisoners are also allowed outgoing phone calls only to an approved list of callers. 

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