Maryland Inmate Search

What are Maryland Inmate Records?

Maryland inmate records refer to the vast collection of information regarding someone who has entered the penal system after committing a crime. These records may include arrest warrants, charges, sentencing, and other court records, incarceration facility records, mug shots, fingerprints, DNA, video and audio recordings, and more.

Typically, Maryland inmate records will always start with the person’s demographics such as name, date of birth, height, weight, eye and hair color, age, gender, and race. They may also include explicit details about their court cases, trials, charges, convictions, parole, probation, and jail or prison time.

Some Maryland inmate records are easy to find using the offender locator on the state’s website. Some other records, such as court documents, police reports, and other forms, may be more difficult, and you might have to visit a variety of agencies to get them. 

Maryland Prison and Jail System

The state of Maryland has five detention facilities that hold pretrial inmates or others requiring short-term supervision. Maryland also has twenty correctional facilities. Some of these are prisons, some are training and intake facilities, one is specifically for mental health issues, and two operate as pre-release organizations to help facilitate an easy transition between prison life and life back on the outside.

Instead of county jails, the state uses its five detention centers positioned strategically around the tiny state for maximum coverage. However, some of the websites dedicated to the detention facilities do have inmate search features where you can locate someone there.

How to Search for Inmates in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Public Safety Correctional Services (DPSCS) has a search tool on their website where the public can easily find someone living in prison within the state. The offender location offers two name fields (first and last), and you can enter a partial for both.

The results will show a list of offenders that match the name along with a birth date. You can click the person’s name for additional details like their DOC ID, the facility where they are held, the address and phone number for the facility, and that’s it. You can click the link to the facility to find out more information about it.

You can also use a tool like InfoTracer to quickly and easily find someone incarcerated in Maryland. You may also get to see much more information pulled from various public records.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Maryland

The state of Maryland uses a lockbox system for inmate banking that allows family and friends to send money to an inmate using a money order through Western Union or other similar services.

Each facility has its own rules regarding visitation, phone calls, and contacting inmates, and family and friends are urged to go on the DPSCS website and use the “find a facility” tool for more information on each facility. In most cases, the state uses ConnectNetwork for phone services and AdvancePay for prepaid phone cards.

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