Massachusetts Inmate Search

What are Massachusetts Inmate Records?

Massachusetts inmate records are the documents, paperwork, and other forms of information recorded to witness a person’s journey through the Massachusetts correctional system. They often include things like arrest warrants, police reports, mugshots, fingerprints, court visits and documentation, and files from correctional facilities.

Massachusetts does not offer an offender locator system to use to find inmates in the state. However, they urge the public to use the VINELink system to locate someone incarcerated within the state. However, they do warn that only the “Massachusetts Department of Correction and Essex County participate in the Massachusetts VINE program.”

Most inmate records will include the person’s name, birth date, gender, race, height, weight, eye and hair color, scars, tattoos, and other marks along with their charges, convictions, and sentences. 

Massachusetts Prison and Jail System

The state of Massachusetts has 16 state correctional facilities. The Massachusetts Department of Correction is the state agency in charge of all facilities and inmates.

Massachusetts also has 15 local county house of correction facilities (jails) that house short-term inmates and those awaiting trial or a hearing. These facilities may also be used as a holding facility for someone being moved from prison to prison.

How to Search for Inmates in Massachusetts

Although Massachusetts does not have its own offender locator tool on the website, they suggest the public use the VINELink system to search for inmates. The system is also for victims so they can be notified if their offender is going to be released from prison soon.

However, all is not lost. You can easily use a search tool like InfoTracer to find someone incarcerated in the state. A full report may show you warrants, arrests, criminal charges, court cases, prison time, along with a lot of other information from public records, the dark web, and social media.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Massachusetts

Family and friends are encouraged to visit inmates in Massachusetts prisons. First, however, you must get on the approved visitor’s list, and you can do so by downloading the application form. Once approved, you must follow all prison visitation rules and bring proper ID and clothing.

Massachusetts uses the Securus Technologies system for phone calls between inmates and their loved ones. You can purchase a prepaid phone card for your loved one by following the instructions on the page. Inmates can call out, but you cannot call them.

The state has partnered with Access Corrections so that family and friends can send money safely to their incarcerated loved ones. Follow the instructions on this page to do so.

You can easily send mail to a loved one in a Massachusetts prison by addressing the piece using:

      The inmate’s full name in the address.

      The inmate’s commitment number in the address.

      The complete address of the prison.

You can also send email to an inmate using the online system supplied by the state. To learn more or sign up, visit this page.

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