Minnesota Inmate Search

What are Minnesota Inmate Records?

Minnesota inmate records come from police reports, arrest warrants, court documents, incarceration facilities (jail and prison), and follow a person through the justice system after they commit a crime. Some of these items might include mugshots, fingerprints, DNA, forms, video and audiotapes, other evidence, and information about them and their crimes.

Typically, Minnesota inmate records include the offender’s name, age, date of birth, race, gender, and a full physical description. The information may also include crime details and other specifications.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of offenders and facilities. They have an offender locator on their website to allow the public to find someone in the system easily. Some inmate records may be easy to find, while others are more difficult. 

Minnesota Prison and Jail System

The state of Minnesota has thirteen state prisons housing inmates at four levels of security (minimum, medium, close, and maximum). One facility houses female inmates only.

Minnesota’s Department of Corrections manages and maintains all facilities and is responsible for inmates. They claim that “All facilities offer educational programming, treatment and the opportunity for inmates to be constructively employed in prison jobs.”

The state also has many county jails that hold recently arrested individuals who are awaiting trial or someone serving a short sentence of less than a year.

How to Search for Inmates in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Corrections has an offender locator on their website. You can search by name or MNDOC Offender number. You can enter a partial name when searching.

The results show a list of offenders’ names, birth dates, offender numbers, and statuses. Clicking on the person’s name shows you additional details, including a mugshot, birthdate, sentence date, and details about each offense.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Minnesota

Minnesota allows inmates to receive visitors from family and friends as long as they apply first and follow all the rules and guidelines set forth by the MNDOC and the facility. Each facility has specific visiting hours/days. In some cases, they do allow video visitation.

There are specific rules when sending mail to an inmate. You must address all “approved” mail to:

Inmate’s Name and OID# (Offender Identification Number).

MCF- (facility name where the inmate is housed).

Facility Address.

You can also email an inmate using the JPay system.

Minnesota Department of Corrections has partnered with JPay to allow family and friends to send inmates money. You can do so by following the instructions here.

You cannot call an inmate, but you can call the facility if there is an emergency to get word to them. You can receive phone calls from an inmate in Minnesota, but they must place the call as collect. Inmates can purchase their own phone time through the canteen. If you want to send money to an inmate, they can use that money for phone calls. 

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