Montana Inmate Search

What are Montana Inmate Records?

Montana inmate records pertain to offenders within the state, and they begin with an arrest. Local law enforcement creates some of the records with the initial intake paperwork, mugshots, fingerprints, and police reports. After that, the courts add to the file with hearings, a trial, and sentencing. If the person goes to prison or jail, the paper trail continues with incarceration facilitates.

The standard information contained within inmate records will include the offender’s name, date of birth, gender, age, race, and physical description (hair and eye color, scars, tattoos, or other defining marks). These records may also include details about crimes, sentencing, incarceration, and even parole and probation.

Many Montana inmate records are easy to find through the Montana Department of Corrections, and others may be harder to locate.

Montana Prison and Jail System

Montana has five state prisons. One is for women only, and another is for youth offenders. The Montana Department of Corrections maintains and manages all facilities and inmates. Each year about 1,250 offenders enter the penal system in Montana. Another 8,500 are supervised on parole or probation.  The state of Montana also contracts with 17 privately owned prisons that hold state offenders.

The state also has various county jail facilities spread over the state that hold pretrial inmates and those serving short sentences. These are maintained by local law enforcement like police and Sheriff’s departments.

How to Search for Inmates in Montana

The Montana Department of Corrections has a search feature on their website the public can use to find someone incarcerated in the state and read details about them.

The search is easy to use. Simply enter the first and last name or the offender’s DOC ID. You will then see a list of matching inmates with their birthdate and status. If the name they are using is an alias, you will see that too. You can click any row to see further details.

The additional details include a mugshot, where they are located, height, weight, right or left-handed, citizenship, and basic details of their crimes along with a court docket number so you can find out more through the courts.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Montana

The warden must approve all visitors before they are allowed to visit an inmate in Montana. Only immediate family are allowed to visit and some close friends. No pets are allowed, and visitors must follow all rules when visiting someone.

The state allows only prepaid and collect phone calls for inmates. You can purchase a prepaid phone card for your loved one incarcerated in Montana.

All the information regarding phone calls is here.

Inmates are allowed to receive mail. However, senders must address mail according to the format below:

      The inmate’s last name and DOC identification number.

      The sender’s name and complete return address.

      Pre-stamped envelope.

The DOC allows friends and family to send inmates money by phone, mail, or online using the instructions here


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