New Hampshire Inmate Search

What are New Hampshire Inmate Records?

New Hampshire inmate records are the forms, paperwork, and accompanying media that make up someone’s file as they move through the criminal justice system. They may be comprised of DNA, mugshots, audio, video, digital, and paper files.

These inmate records come from local law enforcement (Sheriff’s offices and local police), the courts, and jail and prison facilities. They all include the inmate’s name, date of birth, and a physical description (eye and hair color, height, weight, defining marks). They may also include other details like the person’s crime, date of trial, arrest warrants, sentencing, and incarceration files from their time in jail or prison.

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is the state agency in charge of inmate records, the facilities, and inmates themselves. Some of the inmate records will be easy to find, others much harder.


New Hampshire Prison and Jail System

New Hampshire has six state prisons spread throughout the state. One holds women prisoners only. One prison is for men only, and the others are transitional housing units meant for low-risk inmates who will be released soon.

There are only about 2,700 inmates locked up in New Hampshire state prisons. The state also has about 2,100 inmates in local county jails. These facilities are for pretrial inmates and those serving short sentences. There are also 440 inmates in federal prison.

New Hampshire has local jails throughout the state-run by Sheriff’s offices and local police.

How to Search for Inmates in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire has an inmate locator on their Department of Corrections website so the public can find someone incarcerated within the state.

You can search by using just the last name or first and last name.  The list of results will show the person’s full name, age, inmate ID, term ID, booking date, facility, case ID, docket, their maximum and minimum sentence, and where they are located. There is no way to click for further details. You would need to consult the courts using the docket or case ID or contact the facility for further details. 

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers visitation as a privilege to inmates who behave well. Their friends and family can visit after being approved by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. Each eligible inmate is allowed two visits per week only on Saturday and Sunday. Attorneys and clergy do not count towards this quota. Only visitors on the approved list can visit.

Friends and family can also send letters up to 10 pages in length. They must address the mail according to these instructions (based on where the inmate is located).

Inmates can also receive email, and you must set up an account first to begin corresponding with them.

To send money to an inmate in New Hampshire, you can use the Global Tel* Link (GTL) system and create an account and send funds that way.

New Hampshire also uses the Global Tel*Link (GTL) system for phone calls, and you can purchase prepaid minutes for your incarcerated loved one so they can call you. 

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