North Dakota Inmate Search

What are North Dakota Inmate Records?

North Dakota inmate records follow an offender through the criminal justice system from arrest until parole or probation. Things like arrest warrants, police reports, mugshots, fingerprints, evidence, forms, reports, and digital media are examples of inmate records.

These records will have the offender’s name, birth date, age, gender, race, and a detailed physical description. Along with that, many of them will contain the person’s crimes (charges, convictions, sentencing) and details about their current location. Inmate records originate from law enforcement, the courts, and confinement facilities.

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation office is the government agency in charge of all facilities and inmate records. Some records may be easy to locate, and others more difficult.

North Dakota Prison and Jail System

North Dakota has only three state prisons that house all inmates. One is for women offenders only. The oldest dates back to 1885 in Bismarck, North Dakota. Each prison has different levels of custody, from low and medium to high risk. There are only about 1,700 people in state prisons and 1,400 held in county jails.

The state also has three transitional facilities to help inmates get ready for life after prison.

The state also has dozens of local county jails run by local Sheriff’s offices. These facilities hold short term inmates and those awaiting trial.

How to Search for Inmates in North Dakota

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation office has a “resident lookup” feature on their website, making it easy to locate an offender incarcerated in the state.

You can easily search by the last name only. The results will show the offender’s ID, name, and date of birth. You can click any of the rows to see more detail. The additional information will show a mugshot, estimated release date, the facility where they are confined, and their full name. You can register for victim notifications using a link at the bottom of the page.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in North Dakota

During orientation, an inmate may send an application to loved ones so they can visit him or her later. Once approved, all visitors must follow the rules, dress accordingly, and can only visit during specific days/hours.

North Dakota has contracted with the JPay system so that inmates have access to email. You can easily sign up to send an inmate correspondence by reading the rules. You may also use the JPay system to send money to inmates. You can read the rules here.

You may also send approved mail to an inmate by addressing it as follows:

      Resident Name #

      North Dakota State Penitentiary

      PO BOX 5521

      Bismarck, ND 58506-5521

To receive phone calls from a loved one incarcerated in North Dakota, you must fill out an application. The state uses Securus Technologies for inmate phone calls. Follow the rules outlined here.

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