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What are Oklahoma Inmate Records?

The state of Oklahoma keeps inmate records, which are the entire files that follow an offender through the criminal justice system. It begins with an arrest and continues until probation or parole. These records come from local law enforcement, the courts, confinement facilities, and other government agencies.

Most Oklahoma inmate records will contain the person’s name, birth date, age, race, gender, and physical description. After that, they may also include mugshots, fingerprints, DNA, video, and audio, along with details about their crimes, court information, charges, convictions, and sentencing.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is the state agency in charge of inmates, facilities, and inmate records. They make it easy to locate some records, but others may be more difficult to find.

Oklahoma Prison and Jail System

The state of Oklahoma has 23 state prisons. It also has a few halfway houses to help inmates adjust back into society. Oklahoma also contracts with three private prisons that hold inmates as well.

Oklahoma has various local county jail facilities that hold arrested persons awaiting a hearing or trial. They may also hold inmates serving short sentences. These facilities are run and managed by local law enforcement (Sheriff’s offices and local and state police).

There are 27,000 people in state prison in Oklahoma. Another 13,000 inmates reside in local county jails and 2,700 in federal prisons.

How to Search for Inmates in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has an offender locator tool on its website. The public can use this tool to find someone incarcerated in the state.

You can search by OK DOC#, name, or date of birth. The results show a list with offenders’ name, mugshot, OK DOC#, gender, race, date of birth, and facility. You can click on any OK DOC# to see further details. The additional information will show a physical description, aliases, and details of each offense, including the specific court so that you can dig deeper.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma penal system allows inmates to receive mail as long as they are addressed with the “inmate’s name, OK DOC number and facility address on the envelope.”

Inmates are allowed visitation as long as each visitor fills out an application and is approved by the facility first. All visitors must follow the strict rules and can only visit during designated days and times.

Oklahoma contracts with the JPay system so that family and friends can send inmates money while they are incarcerated in the state. You can find out how here.

The Oklahoma prison system uses Securus Technologies for outgoing inmate phone calls. However, you can send money to your loved one via JPay so they can pay for prepaid phone minutes to stay in touch with you.

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