South Carolina Inmate Search

What are South Carolina Inmate Records?

South Carolina inmate records are all the pieces of information that travel along with an offender through the penal system. They come from local law enforcement, the courts, and confinement facilities.

Each record contains basic information like the offender’s name, date of birth, gender, race, and a physical description. In South Carolina, they also include mugshots, information about crimes, and sentencing.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections is the state agency in charge of all inmates, facilities, and inmate records.

South Carolina Prison and Jail System

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has twenty-one facilities in four categories: high security, medium security, minimum security, and community-based pre-release work centers.

The state also has eleven county jails which may also be called detention centers. These facilities hold temporary inmates awaiting bail or a trial or those serving very short sentences.

There are about 21,000 people in state prisons in South Carolina and 11,000 in local county jails. The state also has another 4,600 prisoners in federal prisons.

How to Search for Inmates in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Corrections has an inmate search feature on its website where the public can search for incarcerated inmates, those in county detention facilities, or someone on parole or probation.

You may search by either the inmate’s SCDC ID, SID, or name. The search will show a list of results with each inmate’s name, gender, race, height, weight, age, and ID. You can click on any row to see further details like a mugshot, offenses, any escapes or sanctions, facilities he or she has been detained in, and work/education credits.

How to Contact, Send Money to or Visit an Inmate in South Carolina

Family and friends are encouraged to correspond with inmates in prison. All mail must be addressed with the inmate’s legal name, SCDC number, living unit, the full name of the institution, street address, city, state, and zip code with a complete return address in the upper left-hand corner.

The prisons also use the ConnectNetwork (GTL) system so that inmates can send and receive email.

South Carolina uses the GTL system for inmate funds. You can send an inmate money online, through the mobile app, over the phone, or using a money order. Inmates are not allowed to have cash.

All prisons use the Global Tel*Link Corporation system for outgoing inmate phone calls. You can pre-pay for phone minutes so your loved one can stay in touch.

South Carolina inmates are allowed visitation. However, visitors and inmates must follow a strict set of rules. You must first apply to be included on your inmate’s approved visitor’s list. The prisons also allow video visitation, which you can learn about here.

South Carolina also offers inmates an “inmate package program” where families can order $200 worth of snacks and other personal care items to be delivered to their loved one in prison. 

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