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Utah State Courts

The judicial system of Utah is made up of a single federal district court, a state supreme court, as well as a number of localized trial courts with limited or general jurisdiction. There is also a state supreme court to deal with appeals and some specialized cases that need to go straight to supreme courts.

Utah has a relatively straightforward court system. The federal court in the state is the United States District Court for the District of Utah. It’s appeals are heard in the 10th circuit.

There is also a limited-jurisdiction court that deals specifically with issues around bankruptcy, the United States bankruptcy court, District of Utah. 

The main trial courts with original jurisdiction in Utah are the District Courts. These deal with both felonies and civil cases, and can also hear a variety of different trials such as domestic, child support and probate cases as there is no subject-matter probate court in the state of Utah.

Courts with limited jurisdiction include the Utah Juvenile Courts, which are just employed to work with minors who have broken the law in the state.

Lower down the hierarchy, dealing with municipalities and counties are the Justice Courts. These have jurisdiction to deal with some misdemeanors and violations relating to ordinance such as traffic violations. They can also deal with small claims so they don’t have to go through the higher courts.

Court Name: Utah Supreme Court
Address: 450 South State P. O. Box 140210 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0210
Phone: (801) 238-7967
Website URL: https://www.utcourts.gov/

Intermediate and Supreme Courts

Utah is one state that does have a Court of Appeals which acts as an intermediate and can take appeals from a number of the courts lower down the hierarchy.

The Supreme Court is the other appellate court in the state, which has original jurisdiction and the most power out of the state courts within Utah, dealing with cases of civil and criminal matters that have been referred up the chain.

The Supreme Court of Utah also takes administrative power over the other trial courts within the state.

How to Find Utah Court Records Online

You can use our search of state records in order to find Utah court records. The Utah Government Records Access and Management Act means that there are a huge number of court records made available. The records the government keeps on court cases is made publicly accessible to citizens and you can view and search these online, as long as a different law doesn’t impact upon these records. 

Not all records have been digitized, and if not, you may have to contact 450 South State, P. O. Box 140210, Salt Lake City, UT. That said, most modern cases have been made available and you can find details such as plea details, sentencing and criminal records, along with parole details, mugshots and more.