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West Virginia State Courts

The judicial system of West Virginia has two federal district courts, as well as a number of trial courts, some of which deal with limited jurisdiction and specific subject-matter court cases. The flow of the cases dictates that many appeals from these trial courts can end up in the state’s Supreme Court of Appeals.

The federal district courts of the state are split between two regions: 

  • Northern District of West Virginia
  • Southern District of West Virginia

If appeals are required, they can go to the 4th Circuit.

The same two regions have specific bankruptcy courts, which deal with both individual and business bankruptcies and have no jurisdiction over other aspects of the law.

The Circuit Courts form the main basis of the trial courts in the state, with general jurisdiction of most criminal cases as well as civil cases within the state. Though it is not an appeals court specifically, it has the power to hear appeals from Magistrate courts. There are 31 circuits in the court.

West Virginia also has specific family courts in place with subject-matter jurisdiction over certain matters such as domestic violence, divorces and other family matters.

The lower courts, the Magistrate and Municipal Courts, tend to hear either ordinance hearings or some misdemeanor and civil cases in the city. The Magistrate Courts also have the power to instigate some reviews.

Court Name: West Virginia Supreme Court
Address: 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East Building One, Room E-100 Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: (304) 340-2305
Website URL: http://www.courtswv.gov/supreme-court/index.html

Intermediate and Supreme Courts

There is no intermediate court with the specific function of bridging cases and appeals between the circuit trial courts and the supreme court. 

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia takes on the role of being the court of last resort for the state. It can choose which cases it reviews and is not under obligation, so if you are referring from a Municipal court, your best chance is with the Circuit Courts, which have some power to review.

The Supreme Court of Appeals is vital and it also helps to oversee all of the details of exactly how the court system and legal professionals in the state of West Virginia operate.

Types of Courts in West Virginia

How to Find West Virginia Court Records Online

Our search tool may be able to help you to track down the court records you have been looking for from West Virginia. We help you to search through cases and the millions of public records that are available. In the interest of transparency, the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act dictates that government records are available to the general public to view and copy. This includes most court records unless protected by another legal action.

You can access data such as plea details, parole information, divorce records and much more unless otherwise protected by the law.