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Oklahoma State Courts

In the Oklahoma judicial system, a number of trial courts, some with general and some with limited jurisdiction, feed into a court of civil appeals, criminal appeals and a state supreme court which acts as the court of last resort. There are also three federal district courts.

The federal courts can be the point at which federal cases originate. The three state federal courts are split into:

  • Eastern District of Oklahoma
  • Northern District of Oklahoma
  • Western District of Oklahoma

Any appeals originating from these courts are heard on the 10th Circuit.

The main trial courts for Oklahoma are the District Courts which are situated in all of the 77 counties of the state, grouped into 26 different districts.

There are a few subject-matter courts. A worker’s compensation court has jurisdiction over insurer liability for workers’ rights, severance payments and more relating to the workplace.

There is also a specific Oklahoma Tax Review Court where the cases relate to appeals regarding taxation decisions.

Some Municipal Courts exist within the city limits of certain Oklahoma cities. They deal with ordinance issues such as traffic violations and smaller claims relating to disorder in these municipal regions.

Court Name: Oklahoma Supreme Court
Address: Oklahoma Judicial Center 2100 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 4 Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4907
Phone: (405) 556-9400
Website URL: https://www.oscn.net/oscn/schome/

Intermediate and Supreme Courts

The primary appellate court is The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals for the state. It has 12 judges divided into 4 different divisions. The Supreme Court allocates specific cases to these appeal courts and these Civil Appeals courts are the court of last resort when it comes to civil cases.

For criminal cases, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals serves this purpose as the last recourse for any criminal appeals.

The Supreme Court takes overall judicial power over civil issues and also has the role of regulating the rest of the judicial system and professionals around the state of Oklahoma. It takes administrative power over all of these courts of law.

How to Find Oklahoma Court Records Online

You can use our online court records search in order to find all available digitized records for the state. The records stem back to the 1800s and cover all 77 of the counties of Oklahoma. As some records are still being digitized, it is easier to find information from more modern cases. Rare occasions mean that you have to contact the Oklahoma court in question directly if the case you are referring to has not been digitized and made available online. 

The rights to access the records of local government are protected by law under the  Oklahoma Open Records Law. You can access a huge variety of different records such as probationary terms, trial details, plea details, and millions of records from the history of the judicial system of Oklahoma.